Kit Trasmissione DID TL 1000 R (catena-corona-pignone)

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Prezzo: 134 €
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Tipologia di ricambio:  Moto/scooter
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Comune: Salerno
Chain and sprocket kit D.I.D. it's a product of the highest quality available on the market that offers reliability, durability and economy operating mounted as original equipment on many motorcycle manufacturers and used by many teams in racing. It's always advisable to replace the pinion and crown along with the chain even when the profiles of the teeth visibly appear regularly. Kinematic, regular winding, coupling roller chain ; tooth profile must be in perfect harmony to optimize the performance of the transmission. Unlike sprocket damage the chain and its regular joints, accelerating the degradation of all parts. Therefore is not recommended to replace only the transmission chain. Transmission kit D.I.D. includes: ; Steel pinion with original teeth number of high quality ; Steel crown with original teeth number of high quality ; D.I.D. Chain X;Ring series of quality equal or superior to the original with rivet connecting link FRONT SPROCKET REAR SPROCKET CHAIN PITCH LINKS CHAIN TYPE 17 39 530 108 X;Ring (VX) NOTES: kit is suggest with the type of chain recommended by D.I.D. for the specific model of motorcycle taking into account their performance, you can order on request kit with different quality with significant price changes. Are available on request sprockets with teeth different from the original, ergal crowns and racing chains. Send an e;mail request indicating model/year of your motorcycle and the required items to get an estimate in a short time
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